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One Student Suicide Is One Too Many

By Nicole Li, Cloris Shao, Violet Zhuang and Jane Zhang –

What an ironical coincidence. In November, a government-appointed team of experts published a report on the causes of student suicide and ways to prevent it. Between November and March this year, more than 20 students took their lives. The figure in recent months is markedly higher on average when compared with the period between 2015 and March 2017, which recorded a total of 70.

Headed by University of Hong Kong scholar Yip Shiu-fai, the committee formed in the wake of a spate of student suicides last year said student suicides were mostly brought about by “multiple interacting factors.” They include mental health, family relationships, adjustment, negative thinking and lack of social support. The simple truth is that they feel unhappy. Why?

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One student suicide is one too many